ConnectFree WiFi Router – Easy, Fast and Secure (the most stable router accessing everything)

  • Connect multiple devices to the router through the WiFi
  • Plug and play router, super easy to setup
  • Application for iPhone and Android,  5 mobile devices via QR Code.
  • Enables you to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Video
  • Speed can be between 5 – 20 Mbps (enough to stream any videos)
  • Servers located in USA, UK and HK
  • Download the Mac software here.

¥2,300.00 ¥2,500.00

  • The main advantages of using ConnectFree Router than the apps 
  • Connect them all – Every devices that connected to WiFi will get online directly
  • Auto Traffic Mode – Local traffic like WeChat can work beautifully with the websites that needs altrenative network setups like facebook, instagram
  • Get your media box work  – If you like to watch some on-demand show on Roku or Apple TV, this ConnectFree router will let u connect by WiFi and it will all work.
  • Plug-Play  – 5 mins setup, and very easy to use, our English Speaking engineer can help you through wechat, email and phone call.
  • Netflix supported – As we all know, Netflix blocks China internet users, but our engineer work hard to get our US-LA server support it.

Access Blocked Sites
Kiss restrictions goodbye and access all your favourite sites from anywhere in the world.
Watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer & Amazon Video
Stream Youtube, Google, Facebook and other international site

Surf Privately
Hide your location and personal information online to prevent websites from tracking you.

Secure Your Internet
Protect yourself from hackers, cyber scams, snoopers and government monitoring.

FAQ about ConnectFree Fast Internet Service

ConnectFree is an easy to use, Plug&Play router that you can get all your devices connected via WiFi.
Its super stable, and hosted by TEK-Shanghai, we have engineer team watch and fix it around the clock.

All you need to do is, connect  to the current router / modem (active internet is needed)

Wait around 2-3 mins, till the front light turn solid white, then open your computer / phone, look for a WiFi called ConnectFree, put password in, and enjoy browsing internet!

Yes. We have tested with the Netflix services with all the US servers, we are making the UK server faster to get better BBC iPlayer services.

ConnectFree has a application that can be download from the App store or Google PlayStore.
We will guide you how to use it after purchasing. 

Most magically, our router allow you to use all your local apps like WeChat with Facebook together.

ConnectFree Router service comes with a router box for the 1st year, and every year after, the annual subscription is 2,000 RMB/year.

ConnectFree servers are located in USA, UK, Europe and Hong Kong.

TEK-Shanghai will take care of all your questions of using during the valid subscription period.
We have engineer working everyday from 10am-8pm,  and you can get support via Email, wechat and phone call.

If we failed to reach the expectation, we will offer refund or other options.

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