ConnectFree VPN

  • Connect multiple devices to the VPN Router
  • Plug and play router
  • Application for 5 mobile devices via QR Code
  • One time connection
  • Enables you to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Video
  • Speed can be between 4 – 8 Mbps (enough to stream)
  • Small, light and powerful router
  • 3 servers located in USA, UK and HK


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Browse the Internet Without Boundaries
A super simple VPN service for all your needs.

The main advantages of using VPN routers are:

  • Every device that connects to the router is protected by the VPN.
  • This includes devices that cannot run VPN software themselves, such as smart TVs, games consoles, and Roku boxes. This is very useful for geo-spoofing.
  • The router counts as just one VPN connection, as far as your provider is concerned. This means you can connect an unlimited number of devices to the VPN at once via the router.

Access Blocked Sites
Kiss restrictions goodbye and access all your favourite sites from anywhere in the world.
Watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer & Amazon Video
Stream Youtube, Google, Facebook and other international site

Surf Privately
Hide your location and personal information online to prevent websites from tracking you.

Secure Your Internet
Protect yourself from hackers, cyber scams, snoopers and government monitoring.

FAQ about ConnectFree VPN Service

[lvca_accordion style=”style3″ toggle=”true”][lvca_panel panel_title=”What is ConnectFree VPN?”]ConnectFree VPN is an easy to use, multi-platform VPN service that allows you to browse the web anonymously, securely and without limitations.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”What does VPN mean?”]VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. A personal VPN like ConnectFree VPN replaces your IP address with one that isn’t tied to your physical location.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”So how does it work?”]Easy! All you need to do is to connect the VPN router to your China Telecom or China Unicom modem, wait for the router to configure itself, log into the router and connect to a server. Connect your devices to your new VPN router and then proceed to use the internet like you normally do, but this time round, all your internet activity is encrypted and anonymous and you have access to international site.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Can I use ConnectFree on my mobile device outside of my home?”]Yes! ConnectFree has a application that can be download from the Chinese App store, you are able to connect 5 devices to application. TEK-Shanghai will send you all the information on how to download the application onto your mobile device and connect it to your ConnectFree Account.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”What is the annual subscription for ConnectFree?”]ConnectFree VPN annual subscription is 2000RMB per year.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Do I really need ConnectFree VPN?”]If you are living in China, you need a VPN to access services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google services, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Amazon video, Wikipedia and many more. Also, you need a VPN if you:
– Are concerned about your online privacy.
– Don’t want to be tracked by the government, ISP or criminal elements.
– Use Internet Banking via public hotspots.
– Send sensitive information through instant messaging services.
– Send sensitive information through email.
– Do shopping online, using credit cards.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Where are ConnectFree servers located?”]ConnectFree servers are located in USA, UK, Europe and Hong Kong. More server will be added in due course.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”What about email and internet chat messages, is that also secured by ConnectFree VPN?”]Yes. When you connect to ConnectFree VPN, all the information sent or received using your Internet connection passes via a secure network. This includes when you browse the internet, when using chat clients, VoIP (for instance, calling someone using Skype) or specific apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.

It does not, however, cover messages that you send over the regular cellular network, such as SMS unless you use an Internet based SMS solution.[/lvca_panel][/lvca_accordion]

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