Slope – Premium Micro-Suction iPad Stand Holder Dock and All Tablets

This sleek, simple tablet stand is perfect for turning your iPad into a mini iMac.

Now that iPadOS supports mice and trackpads, all you need is a bluetooth keyboard and a pointing device to turn an iPad into a faux iMac.

The Magical Universal Tablet Stand by Slope sports the same brushed and anodized finish as the iMac and blends in perfectly with the Apple ecosystem.

The Slope has a unique Nanofoam suction pad to keep your iPad firmly in place.

Thousands of microscopic air pockets across the suction pad’s surface act like tiny octopus suckers. Pressing your iPad against the Nanofoam forces air out of the pockets creating a vacuum so that your iPad remains firmly in place and will not fall off.



-Do not apply too much pressure as the pads are very strong.

-Avoid sticking Slope to glass initially as it is difficult to remove.

-Do not use with tablets that have a glass back.

-Do not leave your tablet attached to Slope more than a few days.

-Do not use Slope on fragile surfaces such as painted surfaces, it could damage the paint.

-Slope pads may be damaged over temperatures over 100°F/38°C.

– Please note that slope is not compatible with the iPhone 11 series.

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