TEK-Boost VPN Router

TEK-Boost Router is a brand new service, which is hosted by TEK-Shanghai and was especially designed for Expats in Shanghai / China.



Introducing to you…. TEK-Boost Router

TEK-Boost Router is a brand new service, which is hosted by TEK-Shanghai and was especially designed for Expats in Shanghai / China.

Different from those VPN services on the market, we host our own servers worldwide; currently we have servers in the following countries:

  • 4 servers in the United States
  • 2 servers in the United Kingdom
  • 1 server in Sweden
  • 2 server in Australia

All those servers are dedicated to serving our TEK-Boost router users and we have engineers working and looking after the server status all the time. To be able to solve any connection issues in a very short period of time if it is needed.

TEK-Shanghai have Support Teams – trained technicians, who will help you to solve any Internet problems and can be reached through the phone, email, by visiting our office, remote-desktop and home support.

How does it work?

We provide the TEK-Boost service- the WiFi router, which allows you to browse the Internet to anyone who has access to your WiFi range without a firewall bothering. It supports devices such as Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Apple TV, Roku and others.

Because the router software is customised, we made it very easy for you to use and maintain the service by yourself when you feel the connection is slow.

Will it get blocked by the authorities?

We will say- UNLIKELY! Here are the reasons why we think so:

  1. We do not use a standard VPN encryption service, which means it is harder to be detected by the government firewall.
  2. We have limited users.
  3. We ask everyone to sign the terms & conditions contract, that asks you to use the service ONLY for work, study and personal purposes and not to use it for any kind of rumours or bad news against the authorities, which can get us into trouble and become a legitimate Internet Speed Accelerating Solution company, which we are not like.

How much does it cost?
  • The Boost Router + 1-year TEK-Boost service is 2,000 RMB
  • Second Year subscription and after is 1,500 RMB
Can you help me to install the router?

You can find English guide on how to setup TEK-Boost on our WeChat official account, it’s not hard at all.

If you would like an engineer to attend, there is a Home Visit Fee between 300-500 RMB depending on your location in Shanghai.

Does TEK-Boost support Netflix, WowTV, Nitro TV Sling & Hulu?

We are testing the Netflix service on our USA based server, and it’s working very well right now, and we hope to expand those service to other servers as well.

Update:  We need all user submit your passport page to us due to the gov regulation needs.  So far our VPN service can only be sold to overseas passport holder. 

The popular VPN service like Astrill / Express VPN / Strong VPN are becoming targets of the authority every couple of months, specially just before big events like National Holidays.Normally it takes a few days to several weeks before the VPN service will be back to normal. We have a better solution for you! 
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