Choosing the right VPN Router!

It’s not always easy to access your favorite websites from home in China. This has made VPN apps essential for many foreigners living here, however they’re not always the quickest and most stable, and it can be a hassle switching your VPN on and off frequently. So what’s the solution?

A VPN router is a router that has a built-in VPN that will direct all Internet traffic moving through the router to remote servers overseas, which means any computer or TV box you have connected to the VPN router will be able to enjoy seamless VPN service. This means that when you’re connected to your VPN router, you won’t need to connect to a VPN app in order to use your favorite services.

TEK-Shanghai’s engineers are experienced in installing VPN Router services, and so far we offer four services, based Astrill VPN and ConnectFree VPN, and a Corporate VPN service focused on Business use.

Astrill VPN Router

¥2050-¥2850 /one off
  • Response time 1- 24 hours
    Hosted by Astrill overseas
  • Popular VPN Service in China for many years
  • Setup need some basic computer skills with computer
  • 328 VPN servers in 49 countries
  • All devices can be connected to the VPN Router
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Speed: 5-20Mbps (can get faster up to 50Mbps with China Telecom Commercial Line)
  • Mobile devices not support to change server locations.
  • No restrictions on content, Netflix, HULU, Amazon Video, etc..
  • Server change required a certain steps and skills
  • Membership is $99.90USD/ year
  • 500RMB/year for the 2nd year remote support from TEK.

ConnectFree VPN

¥2500 /one off
  • Provides 4-8 hour response time
    Hosted by TEK
  • Popular VPN Service in China for Expats
  • Setup is easy, plug and play.
  • 3 Server locations  – USA, UK & HK
  • All devices can be connected to the VPN Router
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Speed: 5-20Mbps
  • Very easy to change the server locations
  • No restrictions on content, can watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc..
  • Servers are more stable
  • Renewal fee is  RMB 1,800/year
  • Remote support are free as long as subscription is valid

China Telecom Biz Line – The Ultimate Fast Speed Internet Choice in Shanghai

China Telecom’s biz/commercial line is design for office use, featuring your own personal international bandwidth line that is specific to your own home, meaning that you will not need to share your international bandwidth with your neighbours, which is especially useful during peak-usage times, for example 6PM to midnight, which usually correspond with a massive slowdown in internet speeds in Shanghai.

What kind of speed can I expect?

There are a wide selection of servers featured in this service, and you can expect 20-60 Mbps across the range, allowing you to stream almost anything without interruptions to your favorite TV shows and movies.

What benefits can I expect from this service?

  • Video and conference calls are a breeze with the Biz Commercial service, with high speeds paired with excellent quality audio and video, so you never have to worry about missing all the fine details.
  • Keeping on top of your emails, work schedules and business documents from overseas is a breeze too, with seamless syncing to your cloud service and email accounts to give you more time to do what you do best.

How much?

  • The Basic Service, providing standard server list and basic speeds is available for 1,200 RMB/month
  • The Premium Commercial Service, featuring an expanded server list, faster speeds and higher bandwidth across all services is available for 2,380 RMB/month
  • Payment plans are flexible, meaning that you can pay per month, per quarter or per year – whichever plan suits you the most.
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