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Beats Solo 4 — On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Custom acoustic architecture with upgraded drivers to deliver powerful, balanced Beats sound

Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking immerses you in your music, movies and games, tracking the motion of your head for an interactive surround-sound experience¹

UltraPlush on-ear cushions provide lasting comfort and durability, with exceptional passive noise isolation to block external sound

The flex-grip headband and ergonomically angled ear cups provide a comfortable fit with ultimate stability to ensure high-fidelity sound can be delivered optimally to your ears

At just 217 grams, the headphones’ ergonomic design is so light you can almost forget they’re on

Up to 50 hours of battery life so you can listen longer without needing to recharge³

Fast Fuel means a quick 10-minute charge gives up to 5 hours of playback⁴

Dual compatibility for both iOS and Android enables seamless one-touch pairing, automatic pre-pairing across your devices, and Find My or Find My Device⁵

Exceptional call quality thanks to multiple digital beam-forming microphones powered by an advanced voice-targeting algorithm.

Extended range and fewer dropouts thanks to industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth®

High-resolution lossless audio via USB-C or 3.5 mm audio cable.² Listening via 3.5 mm audio cable requires zero battery power.



The classic. Made new.

The original go-to headphones for active music lovers are back — and better than ever.

  • Spatial Audio with Dynamic Head Tracking¹
  • Lossless audio via USB-C or 3.5 mm audio cable²
  • Up to 50 hours of Battery Life³
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


Re-engineered for incredible sound.

Upgraded drivers. Rebalanced acoustics. Improved frequency response. Custom-built 40 mm transducers minimize electronic artifacts, latency, and distortion for extraordinary clarity and range.

Like being surrounded by 64 speakers at once.

Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking uses built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers to surround you with sound as you move, creating a truly immersive listening experience.¹

Powerful sound. Ultralight fit.

The ergonomic design was developed with comfort in mind, starting with how light they are — at just 217 grams, you can almost forget you’re wearing them.

Softer than soft.

The UltraPlush ear cushions are designed for durability and a soft, light touch for all-day comfort.

Fits great to sound great.

The carefully balanced flex-grip headband, customizable sliders and ergonomically angled ear cups ensure that Beats Solo 4 is comfortable and stays put to deliver sound optimally to your ears.

Up to 50 hours of battery life.

That’s right — up to 50 hours of battery power.³ That’s a lot of reps. Or flights. Or calls.
If you’re low on power, Fast Fuel means charging for just 10 minutes gives up to 5 hours of playback.⁴

No battery? No problem.

Listening via the 3.5 mm audio cable doesn’t require any battery power at all — meaning you can enjoy truly endless playback without ever needing to charge.

High-resolution lossless audio.

Designed with a built-in Digital Analog Converter (DAC), Beats Solo 4 can deliver high-resolution lossless audio.² Plug in via USB-C or 3.5 mm audio cable when you want to experience more richly detailed texture in your music.

Apple or Android? Yes.

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, you can enjoy the same seamless compatibility.⁵
One touch pairing.
Automatic pre-pairing across your devices.
Find My and Find My Device.
Audio sharing⁶
Hey Siri⁷

Leveling up the iconic style.

Beats Solo 4 comes in new premium colors and finishes, including brushed steel hinges.

Style that travels well.

With a compact foldable design and soft protective case, Beats Solo 4 is built to go everywhere you do.

Exceptional call quality.

Beats Solo 4 has multiple digital beam-forming microphones powered by an advanced voice-learning algorithm for environmental noise suppression. The algorithm was tested in over 7,000 hours of noisy environments to be better able to isolate your voice.

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