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We can help change the iPhone 14 ESIM only to dual-sim

  Following the announcement by Apple regarding the iPhone 14 last year, lots of users complained on social media that all new iPhones exclusively adopt E-SIM technology for units sold in the

Why Buying an iPhone in China is a Smart Move Before Leaving China

In recent years, the introduction of eSIM technology has revolutionized the way we use SIM cards in our smartphones. With the iPhone 12, Apple embraced this new trend, and with

Here is how to connect your personal devices to your big TV at home

1. From iPhone to Apple TV  From Mac to Apple TV  Note: 1. You can not mirror Netflix to Apple TV 2. Any Mac / iPhone can mirror to Apple TV as

Stepping Stones Charity Work

TEK-Shanghai always wishes to give back while receiving support from everyone.  This year’s 8th anniversary, we are working on raising money for Stepping Stones. Stepping Stones is a non-profit organization registered

What?! You can print your WiFi password to a QR code!

Did you know you don’t need wifi passwords to join a wifi network? How about just printing out the WiFi password as a QR code? so your guest and friends

How to access your health code with 2 easy taps!

Today, as your trusted English-speaking tech service provider, we have a very handy trick for iPhone users. With the covid being part of our lives, one of the biggest frustration everyone is

12 Prizes for Xmas Give Away 2021

Which mobile operator to use in China?

Mobile Operator Guide: A- The Basics – Using a China SIM Card Although using a SIM card with any phone is generally as easy as inserting it into your phone,

What’s the voltage in China? Do I need a transformer? 

Do you need a transformer or converter for using sockets in China? If you are planning to move or travel to China, you must be aware that electricity output or

Guide to use iPhone / Android Phone to take Shanghai Metro/Subway system updated 2021

If you just moved to Shanghai or even you have lived here for a while, you may still have not used your smartphone when accessing public transportation in Shanghai. In

[Guide] How to use the HiveBox delivery boxes!

HiveBox is one of the most common smart locker brands for your online ordered packages.  Have you ever missed a package delivery from Taobao, even you were home?  ​HiveBox has been the 1st choice for the

Add extra feature to your Mac with this software

Type this page on your Mac browser, 

How well do you sleep?

35% of people do not feel they get enough sleep, impacting both their physical and mental health.  A US study has estimated the annual costs of insomnia to be between $92.5 billion

Join our recycling event and make a difference!

  About this event As TEK-Shanghai, we have been providing Tech Service for the Expats community for 7 years, in between, we always help recycle e-waste, for less environmental pollutions, and now we have a

How to download the original APK from Google Play Store for local Chinese phones

Using an Android phone in China can be a challenge sometimes, especially when you need to get your hands on the latest game, only to find that Google Play thought it wasn’t

Movie & Gaming Entertainment for this CNY break

When people talk about the “holiday season” in the U.S. or in many other countries, they typically refer to that period between Thanksgiving dinner and New Year’s Day.  Here in China, another

A New Smartwatch for Women by Garmin

Garmin has released a new smartwatch called the Lily, and its main selling point is that it’s designed by women, for women. The Sport Edition (1580 RMB), which is made of aluminum


The Quest 2 is a self-contained headset is an update to Oculus’ 2019 Quest. Oculus has kept that standalone Quest design with the same feature set, while improving its screen,

New Mac with M1 -an absolutely stunning debut

The New M1 chip is so powerful! Apple launched the new Mac with its own Apple design chip for the Mac computer line 1 week ago, and this event also


Whether you’re looking for an everyday pair or something for fitness, these are the best picks It’s a good time to buy a pair of true wireless earbuds. Whether your top

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