Subscribe world-wide country/city holidays into your iPhone/Mac calendar

Note: If  you open this page on WeChat, please tap the on Top Right screen, choose open in Safari. 1.  Tap / Click the calendar you wish to add to

LG’s G8 phone uses its OLED screen for making phone call audio

Tonight LG has revealed more about its audio setup, which includes a “Crystal Sound OLED.” Similar to LG-developed OLED technology we’ve seen come to market in Sony’s TVs, it vibrates the screen to produce

Amazon buys mesh WiFi startup Eero to connect smart homes

Eero, the startup that has developed a solid reputation for its mesh WiFi routers, now its officially an Amazon company. There’s no mystery as to why it’s making the move —

Google adds haptic feedback to its iPhone keyboard

Haptic feedback has been a feature in iPhones for the past few years, but you wouldn’t know it while you were typing — even third-party keyboards either use it in

How to – Stop the annoying low battery alert sound on iPhone

We believe the alert sound of the low battery of 20% and 10%, drives a lot of people crazy specially, especially at evening time. Now there a way of turn

Astrill website has been blocked by the GFW

Since yesterday, website of has been blocked by the GFW, so you can not access this page without using VPN. But don’t worry, as the Astrill in the router

Chop and Awe – Whirlpool’s smart oven identifies your food and cooks it perfectly

The Smart Countertop Oven lets you watch your food cooking in real time via an internal camera. Home appliance giant Whirlpool has unveiled a new countertop oven that uses a

The Future TV is here- LG Signature Series OLED Roll-UP TV

At the ongoing CES 2019, LG showcased the consumer version of its 65-inch roll-up TV. Also, the company not only confirmed the “Signature OLED TV R” the product name for the

How to Fix ” Application is damaged and can’t be opened in Mac OSX

The new version of Mac system since 10.13,  you have encounter with the following error message when in installing third party apps on macOS Sierra. “Application” is damaged and can’t

Siri on HomePod Asked 800 Questions and Answered 74% Correctly vs. Just 52% Earlier This Year

Apple analyst Gene Munster of Loup Ventures recently tested the accuracy of digital assistants on four smart speakers by asking Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana a series of 800 questions each

Apple says some 2018 iPad Pro units ship with bent chassis, not considered a defect

Bendgate used to appeared on the iPhone 6 plus, as the aluminum Apple use was not strong enough. At the iPhone 6s, they used a strong version of aluminum, which

Download DiDi – the taxi app in China (Create a new China Apple ID)

In recent time, Didi – the biggest taxi app company in China, for some reason , take off their app download out of China form the iPhone App Store. So

The world just redefined the kilogram

It involves complex science and beautifully simple philosophy. Forty feet underground in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in a bright white laboratory that requires three separate keys to enter, the United States stores

China grants Qualcomm preliminary injunctions against Apple

The China Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court of China has granted Qualcomm’s request for two preliminary injunctions against four of Apple’s Chinese subsidiaries. The action has been taken as a result of

Winter is Coming – and Brings Pollution to Shanghai

Winter time is pollution time in China. Local and national governments have continuously improved the air quality during the last years (long-term expats might especially remember the horrible winter of

China pulls approval for Facebook startup incubator

Just one day ago, the news shows that regulators gave Facebook permission to open a startup incubator in the province of Zhejiang. A lot of Facebook users in China are cheering

Yahoo Messenger will shut down on July 17th

Today, Yahoo announced that its Messenger service will be discontinued after July 17th, 2018. If you’re looking for a Messenger replacement, Yahoo recommends the product Squirrel, which is currently in

Special Cellphone Road marking appears in Xi’an

From the beginning of June 2018, there are 3 different colours painted on the roads of Xi’an (northwest of China) the markings says “Specialized for Head Down Cellphone Users“. The

Change country Google PlayStore

Maybe you recently moved to China or you purchased an Android phone after you arrived, but now you are connected to the China Google Play store, so you may receive

How does Astrill VPN router works?

What are the benefits of using a VPN Router? TEK-Shangai has simplified the use of accessing international websites by deploying a VPN Router with one Astrill VPN account. This allows

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