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Our Standalone ClassVR Premium Headset (64GB)

The Virtual Reality Headset Designed for Education


Our most advanced virtual reality headset yet

The latest ClassVR Premium Headset (64GB) delivers a reliable, streamlined and efficient VR & AR experience in the classroom, with everything schools need to get started!

Safe and Secure

Students can only access the content the teacher has created and uploaded to the headset. This ensures students remain focused and teachers maintain control, all from a safe learning environment.

Simple to Use Interface

ClassVR has been designed to provide an exciting, engaging, yet simple to use interface to allow students and teachers to easily access educational VR content with minimal fuss and no distractions.

User-friendly Controls

Our ClassVR headsets come with a wired hand-held controller so students can easily control and navigate through the headset’s interface, explore virtual scenes and interact with VR & AR content.

Designed for Schools

Designed for students of all ages, ClassVR headsets come with adjustable head straps for a comfortable user experience.

What’s included

ClassVR Headsets come fully equipped with everything you need to get started with VR & AR in the classroom.

✅ Available in sets of 8 & 30

✅ Storage and Charging Cases

✅ Teacher Controls in the ClassVR Portal

✅ State Aligned Content and Resources

✅ Headset Configuration and Setup

✅ Teacher Training

✅ Wired hand-held controller


What Teachers Say About ClassVR

Over 40,000+ classrooms worldwide utilize ClassVR to deliver immersive learning with virtual reality. Hear some of their success stories below!

“Describing something in words or even in a 2D image or video is nothing compared to the actual virtual reality experience provided by ClassVR. Students feel like they’re actually there and this cannot be created with anything else I’ve used in education thus far. Students were talking about this lesson for weeks.”


Library Media Specialist

“ClassVR turned a current events lesson into a culminating experience; it connected them to the news events in a way that printed word or an online video could not do. Adding virtual reality to my lesson also awoke my students’ sense of empathy and helped them to understand this global news event in a more meaningful way.”

Social Studies: Making Connections to Current Events
(Age 10-11)

“We believe VR technology was the perfect learning tool to extend our students’ ideas and promote analytical thinking. ClassVR engaged and inspired every student in our learning community. It added a third dimension to their learning experience that they could connect with and become inspired by.”

Kindergarten: Cave Exploration
(Age 5-6)


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