Microscope for Kids Science Learning Tool

  • This kid-version microscope is perfect for your budding scientist. It’s a great educational tool that will broaden their science knowledge and enhance their love for the subject
  • It’s child-friendly and very easy to operate. It does not have a cord, instead, it is battery-powered
  • This microscope is a great homeschooling tool. You can build your own science laboratory in your own home and perform science tasks
  • Material: Plastic / Battery: 2 x AA Battery(Not Included)
  • Item Size: 211 x 115 x 70 mm / Enlargement Ratio: 100X; 400X; 1200X


Microscope for Kids Science Learning Tool

Science is a subject that’s not hard to love. It’s as easy as the rest of the subjects if you just master the basics early. Good thing now, there are already toys for kids that would make them love learning about science like this microscope for kids. This microscope is a kid-version of a real microscope that’s used in science laboratories. It’s fully functional and it lets your kids examine small samples like a plant leaf, and onion skin, an Earthworm, and others. This microscope is a great educational tool for your kids. It’s suitable for primary schoolers, those who can already operate small devices such as this one. Moreover, it’s also a great homeschool tool where your kids can enhance their knowledge about science. This microscope is also a great way to keep your kids off their gadgets. And, it’s educational too!

Homeschooling Tool

Homeschooling is already becoming a common practice in this new generation. And the global pandemic has also raised the number of kids that are homeschooled. Moreover, more and more parents have become more aware of the benefits of homeschooling to children. That is why the new challenge of parents now is to look for ways to make homeschooling more fun and interactive for their kids. Good thing this microscope is a great tool for homeschooling. You can make your little science lab at home just like the ones in school! Through this, you can perform basic science observation and experiments even when you are just at home. Thus, well-rounded homeschooling for your children.

Easy to Use

This microscope for kids is a child-friendly device. It is very easy to operate with simple buttons and simple instructions. For your child’s safety, it does not have a power cord, nor will you need to connect it to a power socket. It uses two AA batteries and it also has a built-in LED light. You can also adjust the brightness of the light using the knob adjuster.


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