SodaStream -sparkling water maker(Model COOL)

SodaStream is an innovative system for creating carbonated drinks, thanks to which you can change ordinary water into a fresh, bubble drink with a selected level of carbonation in a few seconds.

The WHITE SodaStream water trap is an excellent alternative to carbonated drinks in plastic bottles from the store.

We can prepare about 60 liters of sparkling water in one cylinder.

This is exactly the same as 40 1.5-liter bottles.

The SodaStream Spirit wireless water saturator will find a place for itself in every home and office, providing easy access to sparkling water.

The set includes:

SodaStream COOL water saturator in WHITE color
1L SodaStream bottle


The SodaStream water trap is designed for everyone and will be perfect for any place.

We can use it both in our homes and offices.

Properly chilled, freshly sparkling water will refresh us on hot days during outdoor activities and rest at home.

Using SodaStream flavored syrups or favorite natural additives, we can prepare our own carbonated drink.

All you need to do is add refreshing fruit and mint to get a natural and healthy carbonated drink.

With the SodaStream water trap, we can experiment and create flavored drinks full of bubbles.

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