Xiaomi – Air Purifier 4 Lite


• It can produce up to 6330 liters of fresh air / min. It only takes one moment to change the bad air. to a room filled with fresh air
• Capable of handling air pollution CADR of 380 cubic meters / hour, can quickly filter dust, cigarette smoke and pollen.
• Can filter dust in 360 ° direction, no matter where in the room the purifier is placed. can work effectively
• Can filter formaldehyde up to 120 cubic meters / hour
• Compatible with bedrooms, living rooms, living rooms with sizes ranging from 26 square meters to 45 square meters.
• protective coating filter and eliminate bacteria Can handle up to 99.99%, safer and farther from bad germs.
• Can filter more, whether it’s PM2.5, various dust, fur, pollen, pet odor and unpleasant smell
• Small, not cluttered, Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 4 Lite takes up the space to set up the device equivalent to a sheet of A4 paper.
• The structure of the air purifier Designed for easy cleaning And changing the filter is easy, no hassle.
• Silence noise is only 35.8dB and the backlight is turned off. Helps you get a good night’s sleep LED display screen can tell the amount of dust or air pollution, temperature, and humidity in the room in detail
• Dust Sensor Can detect as small as 0.3 µm (micron)
• Can connect to the Mi Home application to view the usage status. Set the power on time Or lock the use easily at your fingertips.
• Product weight: 4.8 kg
• Product dimensions (L x W x H): 24*24*54cm.


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