Winter is Coming – and Brings Pollution to Shanghai

Winter time is pollution time in China. Local and national governments have continuously improved the air quality during the last years (long-term expats might especially remember the horrible winter of 2013/14 with frequent AQI values above 250). During this summer, Shanghai residents could enjoy many blue skies.

However, every year during winter the pollution values spike. Heating with “dirty energy” sources such as coal plays a major part in this phenomenon, and is supported by physics (In-depth explanation here:



On a bad day, breathing air is equivalent to one box of cigarettes and can result in throat irritation and coughing, as well as other nausea-like symptoms including strong headaches. Long-term exposure can cause difficult breathing, decreased lung function, and chronic diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and possibly even cancer.

Indoors you are advised to equip your rooms (especially your bedrooms) with air purifiers. Risk groups who should take special precautions outdoors are those with heart disease, and individuals who are already suffering from above mentioned chronic diseases, pregnant women, outdoor workers, elderly, children, and athletes. Nonetheless, middle-aged men are also advised to take the problem serious.

In order to help our valued customers to get well – and well dressed – through the winter, we have stocked up our supply of outdoor anti pollution face masks to handle the expected demand. As kids might be reluctant to wear “annoying” face masks, we have put special emphasis on offering stylish face masks with 16 cool designs to choose from. Beside hopefully meeting your family’s requirements for fashion, all masks presented in our online shop also meet high standards for particle filtration as well as comfort, and are known to be the best air mask options available.

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